Being your own boss. Bringing your talents to market. Growing the economy. There are a lot of great reasons to start your own business. But starting off is really scary and, of course, there are often bumps along the way after opening. Plan F Solutions has helped over 50 small enterprises launch or grow their business and we can help you too. Contact us today to discuss your needs in any of the following areas:


Business plans

How do I know this business plan makes any sense? For every business, whether in concept phase or looking to grow, it is critical to explain your plans, explain your competitive advantage and evidence how you will earn a profit. It is important for you to truly believe in your business plan and the best way to do that is to have a direct role in its creation. That does not mean that you couldn’t use some coaching, editing and technical assistance while writing your plan. Consider Plan F Solutions to support your business plan development process.

small business

How do I get a loan? Now you have your business plan together and have compiled your financials but you aren’t sure how to attract needed capital to move forward. Life is short and this step in the launch process is time consuming and confusing. Plan F Solutions can help attract debt and investors to your business idea while you work on other critical components to move forward on opening or growing.


financial review

Where did all the money go? Now you are open and the cash register is ringing. You are working your business plan but every month you are coming up a little short or using credit cards to pay bills you thought you would have the cash to pay. Maybe you need to slim down on expenses. Maybe you need an infusion of cash to get to scale. Maybe you do not have the right loan products for your business. Let Plan F Solutions evaluate your cash flow and determine what changes including different debt instruments might allow you to be more successful so you can sleep better at night.