Plan F Solutions has developed over $50 million in real estate over the last decade. We have worked on complicated projects including mixed-use developments, historic rehab, commercial redevelopment, land development, multifamily rehab and single family homeownership projects. AND many of these projects have a specific arts focus! Contact us today to discuss your needs in any of the following areas:



Where to start? Let us help you create your project proforma and test it for whether it meets market conditions. Plan F Solutions can help with tenant pre-leasing as well as making sure operating assumptions meet industry expectations

Fund procurement

Is your proforma fine-tuned and ready to go? Plan F Solutions has LOTS of experience securing commitment letters from lending institutions and other non-debt sources including a wide range of governmental grants. Hire Plan F Solutions to move your project from proforma to shovel ready


Who is going to build this thing? Another difficult phase of any real estate development process is securing a competent general contractor to get the hammers flying and the project underway. Let Plan F Solutions be your owner’s representative to secure the most qualified contractor at a price you can afford, even if that means going through the difficult process of value engineering to bring bids in line with what your project has projected.


Too busy to act on your own behalf during the construction process? Let Plan F Solutions be your owner’s representative to make sure your project is being built correctly while managing any expensive unforeseen conditions that may arise.


Facing that dreaded balloon payment? Now it is years down the line and your real estate project is humming along. But here comes that dreaded day when your mortgage term loan is nearing expiration. Let Plan F Solutions secure you the best new terms for your project so it can continue to perform and cash flow.



Rent isn’t covering your bills? Uh oh! The project is up and running but anticipated rents aren’t what they need to be OR expenses are way out of line with what your project can support. Now you are having trouble meeting your mortgage payments, the bank is calling, and the stress is building. Don’t worry! Hire us and we will find creative solutions to fix the project and get your real estate project back into positive cash flow.