There is nothing more rewarding at the end of a productive day than knowing that your work made a difference in the lives of others. Nonprofits tackle the most difficult challenges facing society and have great results to show for it! But nonprofit work is unrelenting and stressful. It is easy to get burned out. The demands placed on nonprofits rarely match operational resources available to fulfill their missions. We are here to help!

Plan F Solutions has served on the board and staff of several nonprofits including organizations focused on community development, arts and culture, parochial schools, charter schools, social service agencies, funding intermediaries, and statewide associations. With this vast experience in the nonprofit sector, we can help your organization fulfill its mission with greater success. CONTACT US TODAY TO DISCUSS YOUR NEEDS IN ANY OF THE FOLLOWING AREAS:



technical assistance

Where can I get some help with all of these demands? Managing a nonprofit is a LOT of stress. There are countless demands on the organization. Fundraising that needs to be done. Board relationships to be managed. And then there are the constant reports due to funders. Don’t have enough money to hire that extra staff person to get it all done? Don’t fret. Plan F Solutions can help manage specific programs and reporting requirements. Contact Plan F Solutions to help with the workload on a per project basis or even as temporary staffing during periods of transition.

(Theory of Change)

Why can’t we get more support for our great work? You know the work you are doing is making a difference and you can see it. Regardless, you aren’t able to increase the critical organizational support needed to provide your nonprofit more momentum. It might not be the work you are doing at all. It might be how you are explaining what you are doing and how you are measuring that it is working. Plan F Solutions has worked with various nonprofits to improve their storytelling so that it is more understandable to potential funders.

From Plan to Action

How do we enact our strategic plan? The board and staff have completed a dynamic strategic plan and it is approved. But the daily activities of the organization have not changed. Days turn into weeks and, sometimes, weeks turn into months when nobody opens the strategic plan and compares it to the organization’s actual activities. Many nonprofits approve strategic plans and have difficulty making it actionable. It takes tenacious discipline but it also takes a clear roadmap. Let Plan F Solutions engage you and your staff on how to make the goals of the strategic plan manageable, actionable, and measurable activities.